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Dear Valued Patrons,

The sporadic spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is the gravest worldwide health security threat in decades. Our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the outbreak, and we are deeply grateful to the thousands of healthcare workers who are on the front lines helping their communities.

As a socially responsible organization, Danube Home’s decision making has been flexible and evolving with the COVID-19 situation. We have framed our response in the form of non-pharmaceutical interventions (quarantine, limits on gatherings & meetings, etc.) and ultra-hygienic precautionary measures (hand sanitization, tissues, soap, etc.) at Danube Home showrooms to ensure the protection and safety of our employees and customers.

Danube Home is rapidly implementing strategies, framing new SOPs, and issuing a broad set of health guidelines to protect our workforce, premises, and our valued customers to ensure the continuity of operations and services. We are actively requesting employees who are unwell to stay home and away from work place, respiratory etiquettes and hand hygiene is greatly encouraged & ensured, and routine cleaning of commonly touched surfaces is being performed regularly.

The following guidelines have been issued, recommended, and adopted by Danube Home to prevent and radically reduce workplace exposure to any respiratory illness, including COVID-19, in our offices and showrooms.

• Encouraging Employees to stay at home:

Employees who have respiratory issues or breathing problems are encouraged, advised, and asked to stay home until they have fully recovered. Employees who have a temperature of 37.5 C or more are also asked to stay away from workplace for as long as the fever has not reduced.

• Danube Home has introduced greater flexibility in its sick leave policies to make them consistent with the evolving COVID-19 situation. All the employees are made aware of the new changes. They are asked to inform their supervisor and take leave if they not feeling well.

• Separate Unwell Employees: Any employee who is apparently experiencing cough, shortness of breath, or higher than normal temperature is instantaneously separated from other employees and immediately sent home.

• Get Medically Checked before Coming to Office: Employees who are coming back from vacation are asked to get themselves medically checked for fever, cough, or any respiratory illness before coming to work.

• Emergency Travel Guideline: Employees who are traveling are asked to get themselves checked for fever, cough, or any respiratory illness before undertaking any travel. They are also advised to follow all travel guidelines and recommendations for each country to which they are travelling to ensure health and safety of themselves and others.

• Imposition of Travel Ban: In response to the continually evolving COVID-19 situation and in line with the UAE government’s efforts to curb the sporadic spread of COVID-19, Danube Home has imposed travel ban on its employees to ensure the wellbeing of its people. The ban will remain effective until further notice.

• Social Distancing and No Handshake Policy: Danube Home is actively encouraging and preaching social distancing at workplace. Employees are being educated and instructed to main a safe distance. Danube Home has placed posters at the entrances and other strategic locations where they are easily visible. These posters highlight the importance of maintain a safe distance and avoiding handshake.

• Respiratory Etiquettes: Employees are asked to cover their noses or mouths with a tissue paper when coughing or sneezing (or use elbows if tissue is inaccessible).

• Provision of Tissue Papers: Danube Home has ensured that tissue papers are accessible and readily available to employees and customers in all places all the time.

• Handwashing & Sanitizers: Employees are actively encouraged to wash their hands with soap regularly for at least 20 seconds to ensure hand hygiene. Alcohol-based sanitizers that contain at least 60-90% alcohol are placed at the entrances and at all important locations inside the showrooms and offices. Employees must use soap to wash their hands if they are visibly dirty.

• Ensuring Adequate Supplies of Soap, Water and Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers are maintained in multiple locations in showrooms and offices.

• Regular Cleaning and Sanitization of Commonly Touched Places: Frequently touched places, such as work stations, cash counters, stairway banisters, buttons, door knobs, trolleys, tabs, key boards, mouse, laptops, remote controls, hand-held objects, handle bars, VRs, countertops, and other commonly touched spots are carefully cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized on hourly basis. Any metallic or glass surface is given special attention for cleaning and sanitization. Our merchandize on display are also checked and cleaned at predetermined intervals without fail.

• Handwashing is Mandatory: Employees are asked to open and close doors using elbows and shoulders. Wear gloves to open and close doorknobs or wash hands after using the doorknobs. They are also advised to be mindful of touching their face and eyes after touching any objects. Hand wash is absolutely mandatory.

• Customers Safety and Hygiene Comes First: At the entrance of each Danube Home showroom, customers are greeted by our representative who opens the door for them and offers them hand sanitizers and gloves, so that customers can freely roam around the showroom without worrying about cleanliness. They are also informed about the locations they can find hand sanitizers, water, and soap. Trolleys are handed to customers after all the commonly touched points are sanitized before their eyes.

• Sanitized and Cleaned Facilities: Danube Home adheres to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene at all its facilities. With our stringent safety and cleanliness standards, we ensure that the workplace is hygienic and safe for both employees and visitors. Regular cleaning is carried out in all locations. This helps in the prevention of spread of any infection, and a cleaned work environment maintains morale and happiness. Along with that, hand sanitizers are installed in easily accessible places to ensure personal hygiene. Employees are mandates to wear gloves and other protective gear to ensure their wellbeing.

• Danube Home drivers, help staff, and installation crew members are mandated to adhere to the company’s policy of personal hygiene. They carry hand sanitizers, tissue papers, and soap with them to guarantee sanitation and safe interaction at all times.

Do not panic. Take commonsense precautions. Be safe. Be healthy.
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