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What are various Payment Options?
How long the order can be hold?
Can I cancel the order after the transaction is made but before the product is delivered? If so then how will be the refund process?
How can I contact Online?
Can I cancel and Return the product at the time of Delivery? If so then will there be any charge on me?
What if there is a change or Mistake in the product that is delivered?
What is the installment program?
How can I apply for EMI after placing the order?
Do I get Free Installation on all products?
What do you mean by DIY?
How I can choose my convenient day and time of the delivery?
Can the customer change the delivery address after he/she has purchased the product online?
Is there any limit on the weight of the product that I can purchase through online?
Can someone else receive the delivery on Customers behalf?
Can place my order and pick up from store immediately?
What if I change my mind and want to return the items after delivery?
Are your prices inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT)?
What is the minimum order value to place an order?
What are the charges if I want the delivery on priority?
Can I place an order online without a Credit or Debit Card?
Will I be charged for delivery?
Can I place an order without opening an online account?
Do you deliver to multiple addresses?
Do you deliver to countries outside the UAE?
Are there areas you don't deliver to?
Does delivery take longer to some areas?
Can I place an order for a product that's out of stock?
Where are your stores located?
I’d like to share some feedback with Danube Home. How do I do that?
Is my account and payment information secure?
Do offers and promotions appear on your website?
Are the prices on your website different from the prices in-store?
How do I use a Credit note?
How do I use a Credit note?
How long is my Credit Note valid?
What if I have to pick up order from warehouse?
How can I track my order?