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Two Seater Sofas

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Two Seater Sofas

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Regular Price: AED2,399.00

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18 Item(s)

Buy Sofa Set Online - UAE

Buying a sofa can be overwhelming. Picking the right sofa for your living space includes balancing functionality with aesthetics, keeping details like dimension, price and quality in mind. Choosing a sofa is a commitment and an investment – you need to be content with your choice for quite a long time to come. At Danube Home, we organize our range of sofas and sofa beds logically, offering styles that reflect the latest interior trends from Dubai and abroad. We additionally give point by point information so that you can settle on an informed decision. With the convenience, decision and information that Danube Home offers, buying sofas online should actually be easier than buying them anywhere else. Shop furniture online from in just a single click and experience most elite scope of furniture products. You can likewise benefit the spectacular discounts with free home delivery in UAE and cash on delivery. Simply visit our online store to know more about our Furniture Products.


Elite Collection of Sofa Sets on

Danube Home gives you variety of ideas for your living room. It presents you a plenty of sofa set designs. The designs you get are arabic styles, vintage set and cutting edge modern designs. Pick the right material and size for your set. Get a recliner or luxurious sofa according to your comfort. You ought to choose the particular case that will suit your style completely. Other than these, the wooden sofa sets are likewise extremely popular. Get the best furniture shopping experiences while buying from Danube Home online. Browse an extensive variety of online recliners, two seater couches, three seater couches, sofa sets, sofa cum beds and L shaped sofas designs for your living room from our website

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