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  1. Chandelier Combo Offer Mariam
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  4. Parker Fancy Wall Bracket Chandelier
    Parker Fancy Wall Bracket Chandelier
    Regular Price AED229.00 Special Price AED114.50
  5. Fabia Flower Wall Bracket Chandelier
    Fabia Flower Wall Bracket Chandelier
    Regular Price AED199.00 Special Price AED149.30
  6. Lily Crystal Hanging Chandelier
    Lily Crystal Hanging Chandelier
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  7. Inayat Neon Wall Bracket Chandelier
    Inayat Neon Wall Bracket Chandelier
    Regular Price AED329.00 Special Price AED213.85
  8. Inayat Neon Hanging Chandelier
    Inayat Neon Hanging Chandelier
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  9. Inayat Neon Hanging Chandelier
    Inayat Neon Hanging Chandelier
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  10. Maya Modern Hanging Chandelier
    Maya Modern Hanging Chandelier
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  11. Kyla Modern Single Pendant Chandelier
    Kyla Modern Single Pendant Chandelier
    Regular Price AED349.00 Special Price AED261.75
  12. Belle Modern Chandelier Dg
    Belle Modern Chandelier Dg
    Regular Price AED799.00 Special Price AED399.50
  13. Kyla Modern Single Pendant Chandelier
    Kyla Modern Single Pendant Chandelier
    Regular Price AED349.00 Special Price AED261.75
  14. Razzy Neon Ceiling Chandelier- Silver
    Razzy Neon Ceiling Chandelier- Silver
    Regular Price AED799.00 Special Price AED519.35
  15. Taima Candle Hanging Chandelier
    Taima Candle Hanging Chandelier
    Regular Price AED1,199.00 Special Price AED599.50
  16. Nadia Candle Wall Brackets Chandelier
    Nadia Candle Wall Brackets Chandelier
    Regular Price AED359.00 Special Price AED233.35
  17. Falak Candle Wall Brackets Chandelier
    Falak Candle Wall Brackets Chandelier
    Regular Price AED329.00 Special Price AED213.85
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Items 1-18 of 114

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Shop the Best Chandeliers in UAE from Danube Home!

Statement pieces that go beyond simply illuminating a space, have been a décor staple for long, but their make and design has evolved over time and made them more versatile while diversifying their usage beyond the dining room. Derived from the Latin word candere, which means ‘to glow/ to shine,’ chandeliers were originally present in the homes of nobility, royalty and the likes. While that evidently is not the case anymore, chandeliers are still widely associated with luxury and are often the focal point of a room. The versatility of their design makes them fit in with a variety of surroundings and themes, be it classic, contemporary, and much more. Over the years, chandeliers have evolved from being large and swanky décor pieces to being available in simple yet chic and modern designs, which has made them attractive options for a wider range of environments.

Modern chandeliers are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and opulence. We at Danube Home feature an exclusive range of exquisitely crafted chandeliers ranging from staircase chandeliers to ceiling chandeliers and hanging chandeliers in a plethora of designs picked by our experts, as well as pendant lights.

“Well, what’s the difference between a pendant light and a chandelier?”, you may ask. Even though it can be easy to confuse the two, the difference between a pendant light and a chandelier is primarily the fact that there is a singular light source in a pendant light, while the latter usually features a network of connected lights. They come in a variety of sizes and are the definition of chic in contemporary décor. At Danube Home, you can find an assortment of expertly crafted, luxurious chandelier lights and pendant lights for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, foyer, staircase, and so on. Choose from a wide range of lighting fixtures from Danube Home

We truly understand the difference good lighting can make to your home, and in order to give you the best possible range of lighting options to choose from, we feature a range of eclectic, unique chandeliers to suit your lighting needs.

Chandelier styles:

1. Crystal chandelier: This is one of the most common type of chandelier, and features a variety of crystals and metal as well as other materials, and carries the look of luxury and lushness that chandeliers are popularly associated with.

2. Glass chandelier: Another common type of chandelier is the glass chandelier, which is a modern chandelier and is made in a wide variety of designs.

3. Shaded chandelier: In this type of chandelier design, there is a softer, more muted glow from the chandelier, and this works in a variety of settings.

4. Candle chandelier: Dating back to its roots, this type of chandelier is rustic, elegant and perfect for those with a taste for classic, old-school chandelier décor. Naturally, this design type has evolved from featuring real candles to featuring candle-shaped lights.

5. Modern chandelier: Perfect for those seeking an avant-garde style of lighting décor, modern chandeliers typically feature slightly more abstract designs and are great as statement pieces.

Find the best chandeliers in the UAE at great prices, only at Danube Home!

Choosing the best possible lighting solutions for your home from a plethora of options may not always be an easy task, which is why we at Danube Home have strived to provide the finest lighting collection for the best deals, to make the process a smooth and fulfilling one for you and to give you the greatest value for your money. Shop at Danube Home in our stores spread across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and breathe life into your home all over again with our lighting solutions!

FAQs - Chandelier

Q. How long do LED chandeliers last?

A. With an increasing focus on energy-efficient light sources, LED light fixtures and LED chandeliers, in particular, make great alternatives, given that chandeliers tend to require relatively larger amounts of light and electricity. However, the longevity of an LED chandelier differs from one chandelier to another and there is no fixed duration as such.

Q. How do I choose a light fixture for my dining room?

A. Position: Ideally, whether you have pendant lights or chandeliers, light fixtures look best when placed over the center of the dining table and should be chosen in accordance with the theme and design of the room.

Height: In order to pick an appropriate light fixture, ascertain the dimensions of your dining room and accordingly, gather an estimate of the how much space your light fixtures are going to occupy, which should give you an idea of the right size and shape of your pendants, chandeliers, and other light fixtures.

Room style: Choose your lighting décor to complement your dining room theme, whether that is contemporary, classic, modern, minimalistic, traditional, etc.

Mix it up: When it comes to lighting, you can always make things fun by incorporating a mix of fixtures including table lamps and floor lamps.

Q. How do I choose the right chandelier?

A. The right choice of chandelier for your living room depends on several different factors, and a chandelier that works well in your dining room may not be the best choice for your living room and vice versa. Therefore, we have rounded up some tips that may help you pick the right chandelier for your home:

- Choosing the right diameter: When it comes to picking an appropriate chandelier for your home, start by determining the right diameter. A general rule of thumb to calculate the diameter for a chandelier is to measure the length and width of the room in feet, add the two numbers together, and the sum total of the two in inches is the diameter for your chandelier. Therefore, if your room is 13 feet long and 7 feet wide, the diameter of your chandelier should be 20 inches.

- Height of installation: Chandeliers generally tend to be large and bright sources of light, and it is important to ensure that they are positioned at an appropriate height. If choosing a chandelier for your dining room, it is important to ensure that the distance between the bottom of the chandelier and your dining table is about 7 feet so as to ensure that the glare of lights isn’t too harsh.

- Theme and design: As an essential part of room décor, your chandelier should ideally complement the theme and style of your room, depending on whether that is classic, rustic, contemporary, eclectic, etc. It may be helpful to keep in mind that chandeliers are great focal points and help pull a room together, and should be picked accordingly.

- Location: While dining rooms and foyers are go-to spots for hanging chandeliers, they work well in a variety of settings, including your bedroom, kitchen island, and so on. You may also opt for wall brackets or pendant lights, which work well in relatively smaller spaces.

Q. How wide should a chandelier be over a dining room table?

A. As a general rule of thumb, a chandelier should be about one-half to three quarters the width of the table over which it will be hanging.

Q. What is the best lighting for a dining room?

A. Lighting can make a world of difference to any space, and plenty of options exist when it comes to dining room lighting. Shop for the finest pendant lights, chandeliers and floor lamps at Danube Home.


Let’s start with the centerpiece and star of the room. Chandeliers come in a wide variety of designs and can fit in with a versatile range of surroundings based on the theme and aesthetic of your room. It also helps in eliminating unwanted dark spots in the room and is great for setting the tone for a relaxing atmosphere.


An easy and exciting way to spruce up your living room lighting is by adding pendant lights. Pendant lights are a great alternative to chandeliers and other large light fixtures, and are usually placed above the dining table. In addition to lighting up the room, they make lovely décor additions to your space. Pendant lights can feature a single bulb as well as hold multiple bulbs. Depending upon the space available as well as the design and theme of your dining room, you can choose to place one pendant centrally, or place multiple pendant lights (3 mini pendant lights, placed apart at equal distances).

Accent lighting with wall brackets

Wall brackets provide soft, muted lighting that suits dining rooms well, while enhancing décor and ambience of the room. Wall bracket lighting is a great way to tweak your décor and brighten your room without having to make significant changes along the way.

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