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UAE National Day: Top 10 Home Decor Ideas on UAE National Day


It’s that time of the year again, where the UAE celebrates its 49th National Day and the spirit of festivity and commemoration is in the air. With the UAE government announcing a three-day national holiday from the 1st to the 3rd of December, workers are in for a long break and week-long national day discounts and special offers. With the festive season and holidays right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to avail those holiday discounts, revamp your home with the best deals on home décor and truly get into the holiday spirit. The year has been unprecedented for our world and major upgrades may not be on the radar for many at the moment, so on that note, we have rounded up 10 exciting home décor ideas to help you make some delightful yet cost-effective choices on account of our incredible discounts and sales (up to 80%). To know more, read on!

  1. Enjoy a relaxing holiday break with luscious candles and aromatherapy

What better way to wind down and truly set the tone for a rejuvenating couple of days away from the stresses and strains of busy workdays, than to get hold of some aromatic candles that can be placed across your home, in any room, to lighten the atmosphere while making for charming and aesthetic décor pieces at the same time? Aromatherapy has been proved to offer multiple benefits including improving sleep quality, relieving headaches and migraines, pain management and an overall improved quality of life. Additionally, other exciting options include potpourri, which can be placed in clear, attractive containers to simultaneously add an appealing touch any room while adding a touch of pleasant scents too. You could also invest in one of our aroma diffusers and choose a fragrance oil that appeals to your senses for a subtle yet refreshing aroma that’s sure to provide a feeling of absolute tranquility when relaxing at home.

  1. Add a dash of elegance with an eclectic pick of vases

A classic and well-loved home décor piece, vases truly never go out of style. They can serve as beautiful statement pieces on their own as well as be functional holders for pretty floral arrangements and either way, they make for a lovely addition to your décor collection. Our best picks come with eclectic and versatile designs and builds that can blend into versatile backgrounds, and a combination of vases depending upon your tastes and preferences is a sure shot way of instantly enhancing your décor display this holiday season. Don’t forget to pair your pick of vase(s) with an equally appealing set of decorative floral arrangements as well. You can take your pick from our wide range of lifelike artificial plants that’s sure to make a charming décor addition.

  1. Decorative fountains will do the trick

An extremely interesting décor piece that pairs the relaxing sounds of water trickling with an alluring aesthetic, water fountains make a lovely choice as decorative pieces that can be placed in multiple corners of your home. They are ideal for creating a positive and uplifting environment around the house and some of our top picks at Danube Home feature endearing animal, natural scenery and add a luxurious touch as well. The sounds of water trickling provide deep-seated relaxation and what’s more, we recommend this décor piece as a great gift choice for your loved ones this holiday season.

  1. Candle and tissue holders with a twist of sophistication

Celebration dinners with loved ones are undoubtedly some of the best highlights of the holiday season and this National Day celebration, add a dash of sophistication and glam to your dinner table with a gorgeous tissue holder from our exclusive home accessories collection. Doubling as multifunctional as well as tasteful décor pieces, tissue holders can be placed on side tables, end tables as well as dinner tables for a charming touch. Candle holders also make another very interesting complement for your candles as well as uplift the elegance of a room and not to mention, they make splendid gifts as well! Available in a classy range of designs and builds, our candle holders also come in gift set pairs, making it easier and more cost-effective to choose.

  1. Class it up with figurines

One cannot go wrong with a classic figurine selection as a home décor piece. Adding more decorative pieces make for the most ideal festive and seasonal displays as well. Figurines can be chosen based on your room theme, areas with more (or less, depending upon your preference) exposure, and come in a variety of designs, including animal-themes, abstract pieces, etc. A lovely way to adorn any hanging shelves or display glass cabinets in your home as well as console tables, figurines serve multiple uses which is exactly what makes them timeless and cherished décor ideas.

  1. Show off your décor collection

It’s time to bring out your most cherished and loved décor collectibles, and using display shelves is one of the best ways to do so! By grouping your various decorative pieces together, you can display them on your walls by using floating shelves, ladder wall shelves and transparent-display cabinets, ideally placed in your living room and social areas. Choose from a wide display of pretty and charming shelving units available in an assortment of colors, designs and materials, at our collection at Danube Home online, and grab hold of the best deals at incredible prices with our mega sale!

  1. Spruce up your bathroom interiors

Just like your living room and bedroom, your bathroom also deserves a festive upgrade. Simple modifications like sleek tumblers, soap dispensers and soap dishes can make a significant difference in terms of style and aesthetic. And it doesn’t stop there. If you’ve been looking to upgrade or replace those shower sets, taps and other bathroom installments, take advantage of discounted prices with the same quality!

  1. Light it up with charming lanterns and lamps

Are holiday decorations really complete without a beautiful set of lights to truly set the mood? Certainly not! From graceful lanterns to lamps to exquisite chandeliers and so much more, the options are endless, and rightly so. One of the simplest yet most popular ways to welcome the spirit of festivity and merriment, good lighting never goes out of fashion. To bring in the cheer this National Day, have your pick from our versatile and elegant collection of lamps, pendant and wall bracket chandeliers, antique and regal lanterns and endearing kids’ themed chandeliers for the little ones, all available at incredible discounts to fit a range of budgets.

  1. Serving finesse (and food) in the kitchen!

Not much else comes close to the importance of food and serving your loved ones’ delicious meals prepared with love and warmth, and this encapsulates the essence of why holidays are so special. The kitchen represents more than just food, its where comfort, familiarity and happiness reside, and we at Danube Home more than appreciate that. And you know what adds to the fun? Having good quality and multifunctional kitchen accessories! This is why we offer the best possible deals for your kitchen this holiday season. Shop from a wide range of products ranging from exquisite wine glass collections, sturdy and elegant cookware sets, food warmers, serving trays to host your loved ones, as well as daily essentials and individual pieces, designed to suit your kitchen, its diverse themes and your preferences.

One of the best parts of the approaching holiday break is the fact that we get to enjoy the outdoors to the maximum, thanks to falling temperatures and near-perfect weather. Whether hosting loved ones over the holidays this year or social-distancing with immediate family only, there are a range of options to choose from for your outdoor décor. Potted plants make lovely garden accessories as do garden ornaments. Given that this season is the best for barbecue sessions, grills and barbecue sets make for great outdoor pieces as well, as do chic balcony chairs and dining sets (for larger outdoor spaces). Our versatile range of outdoor décor also includes charming outdoor fountains as well as ottomans and swings. And of course, there are multiple options to ensure the little ones don’t miss out on the fun, with an incredible array of multifunctional slides and game sets, as well as see-saws and rocking horses and many more entertaining options.

In a year where we as a global community have faced unprecedented challenges and disruptions to life in general, the holidays have taken on a much more significant and precious meaning in our lives, because the value of spending time with our loved ones is ever so pronounced now, more than ever. On that note, we at Danube Home would like to wish you and your loved ones a truly blessed, safe and happy UAE National Day, a day where we celebrate this wonderful nation and its resilient spirit. Happy holidays!