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Sanitaryware Online

Buy the best Bath and Sanitary ware in UAE from Danube Home!

Danube Home has everything you need to beautify your bathroom and make it look spectacular without compromising on functionality. Bathrooms are usually the space in our homes that are often neglected. However, keeping this space neat, clean and organized is necessary as this is the first place you spent time in as soon as you wake up in the morning. Time spent here lays the foundation for the rest of your day and you deserve a pleasant experience.

Therefore special attention has to be given to make sure you invest in the best sanitary ware from the best bathroom supply store or buy bathroom products online. Compromising on quality can lead to a lot of hassles in the future so be sure to buy good quality sanitary ware that will stand the test of time. Since products used in the bathroom are prone to get wet on a daily basis, it is important to choose sanitary fixtures that are rust resistant and durable enough to withstand moisture.

Whether you are looking to buy sanitary ware in Abu Dhabi, sanitary ware in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, Danube Home is the best choice. To buy bathroom products online DanubeHome.com has a host of options that you can choose from. Whether you buy sanitary products from a bathroom supply store or buy sanitary ware online, be sure to research on the type of sanitary products you are looking for, to ensure that you are getting the best value for money. You can also be on the lookout for offers or sales and buy sanitary ware products at that time in case you are looking to renovate all the bathrooms in your home.

There are different kinds of sanitary ware products or sanitary fixtures that you can choose for your bathroom. If you are renovating your bathroom from the scratch, here are some of the sanitary you can look for:


Bathroom faucets, mixers, and taps are essential sanitary products in any bathroom. Different kinds of mixers are used in the wash basin, bathtub or shower cubicle and even in  kitchen sinks. The main function of a mixer is giving you the ability to mix hot and cold water to get the temperature of your liking when washing your hands, taking a bath, shower or washing utensils. At Danube Home, you can buy bathroom faucets and shower faucets or mixers separately or opt for a full curated set which makes things easier for you.

Wash basins & Sinks

Wash basins and sinks are other essential sanitary fixtures in your home. Wash basins maybe wall hung or pedestal and may come in different designs and styles. You can choose one that best suits your personal aesthetic. Sinks are used in kitchens and are usually made of stainless steel as they are meant to be durable and highly functional.

Rain shower

Rain showers are of many types and are great to provide an almost therapeutic bathing experience. They are called rain showers due to the fact that standing under one gives you the feeling of actually standing in the rain. They can be used near bath tubs, shower cubicles or shower areas and are available as a single fixed shower column or even showers with detachable shower heads. You can choose from the different shower unit options available at Danube Home.


Bathroom accessories are all the extra fixtures that you can use to complete the look of your bathroom while serving specific functions like toilet paper holders, robe hooks, soap dishes, grab bars and shelves to keep all your bath essentials. Such accessories are essential to maintain a clutter free, clean and organized bathroom space.

Bathtub and shower cubicle

Beautifully designed bathtubs are a great way to add a feeling of luxury to your bathroom. Baths are a great way to relax sore muscles and unwind after stressful days making bathtubs a must have. Shower cubicles also give a great bathing experience while keeping the rest of your bathroom clean and dry.

Valves and drains

Valves and drains are highly functional aspects in any bathroom. These are essential sanitary ware that facilitates fuss free utility on a daily basis so you have to make sure you invest in pieces that are durable and rust resistant.

Water Closet

When nature calls, there’s nothing you’d need more than a fully functioning WC. This is also a bathroom fixture that serves a highly utilitarian purpose and is an essential requirement in any bathroom. There are many styles and designs available apart from the more traditional designs. You can even choose one that’s attached to the floor or one that’s mounted to the wall. Whichever you choose, what matters most is how useful and functional the WC is.


Shattafs or jet sprays are also an essential fixture in any bathroom in most households. Stainless steel shattafs are more in demand due to their durability, however, shattafs are available in different materials like plastic and in different styles too.

Vanity & mirrors

There are many products that you use in the bathroom on a daily basis like your toothbrush and paste, your shaving equipment, face wash and so much more. Keeping all this in the open could make the space look cluttered and unorganized. With  Vanity units and  Mirrors with cabinets, you can safely tuck away all these products and keep your bathroom neat and clutter free.

Water heater

Water heaters are a necessity in the GCC especially in the second half of the year when the temperature gets cooler and the water gets cold.  Water heaters are also a functional investment that you make and are not something that adds aesthetic value so make sure to buy one that’s durable and efficient.

Now that you know the different sanitary products available for your bathroom, whether you wish to buy sanitary ware in Dubai, sanitary ware in Abu Dhabi, or sanitary ware in UAE, you can visit a Danube Home store or simple buy sanitary ware online to find and choose from the best selection of bathroom products.

FAQs - Bathware

Q. How do I choose a bathroom fitting?

When choosing bathroom fittings, the most important factor to consider is durability. While sticking to a budget is also important, good quality bathroom fittings are available in budget friendly prices too so you can choose a durable product within your price range easily. Bathrooms fittings are usually subject to a lot of moisture and water on a daily basis. A substandard product may not be able to sustain these elements and may wind up getting rusted or corroded and sometimes the water flow may also get affected. Shattaf pipes and hand shower pipes should also offer flexibility and should not break or tear easily. So it is important to choose bathroom fittings that are guaranteed to stand the test of time. If you are designing your bathroom from the scratch, it is also important to consider the amount of space in your bathroom when choosing products like bath tubs, shower cubicles and even WC’s.

Q. How to check the quality of bathroom products?

A few points to keep in mind when purchasing bathroom products are as follows:

- Ensure that the product is easy to use: If a product is easy to install and easy to use, there is less cause for concern in the long run. Complicated mechanisms are difficult to install and improper installation by inexperienced plumbers could cause you a lot of hassle. In a functional space like a bathroom, the goal is to have good quality products that serve their purpose efficiently without any glitches.

- Check for product finish: Always consider buying sanitary ware as an investment and be sure to opt for fresh stock. Colors make a huge impact on the overall appearance of a bathroom so it’s very important to choose sanitary ware with a pristine finish. You can’t go wrong with a smooth surface and a good finish coupled with the best in class features when it comes to sanitary ware products like WC’s, shower units, bathtubs, etc.

- Durability is key: A well-made sanitary product is less prone to chipping. Be sure to check that all quality checks are done on the product to ensure that highest standards are maintained. Toilet bowls and basins should have a dependable build and should be able to sustain heavy loads. Also, take advantage of warranties that come with your sanitary fixtures.

- Efficiency: In products like WC’s smart/dual flush technology is an important feature as it helps conserve water. Sanitary ware products should be efficient as they are functional products that are designed to serve a specific purpose.

Q. What are sanitary ware products?

Sanitary ware products are all fixtures that are used in the bathroom. This includes wash basins, mixers, bathroom mirrors, bathroom mirrors with cabinets, vanities, WC’s, shattafs, bathtubs, shower cubicles, shower units, and bathroom accessories like shelves, robe hooks, soap dispensers, soap dishes etc. All these products as well as items like kitchen sinks come under the umbrella of sanitary ware products. These are highly functional products and are not usually installed in homes for aesthetic purposes. However, with some of the design innovations that have taken place in sanitary ware, some of the pieces available are quite luxurious and extravagant and have the potential to make a statement in your bathroom.

Q. How do you style a bathroom?

Styling a bathroom seems like a farfetched idea for some but this has gained popularity in recent times. People now choose to extend their home interior design aesthetics to their bathrooms as well. Here are a few ideas to give your bathroom a quick spruce up:

- Colors and textures are a great way to add dimension to any space and bathrooms are not an exception. If you have the chance to renovate your bathroom from the scratch, you can choose colorful tiles to suit your style. Adding bath mats and shower curtains are also a quick and easy way to add color and texture to a bathroom without having to do a whole renovation.

- Bringing in some organization by using a bathroom mirror with a cabinet or a vanity is also a great way to unclutter and add a style quotient to your bathroom. Accessories like toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, and soap dishes that come in a variety of beautiful designs and colors are also a surefire way to stylize your bathroom while keeping things organized.

- Going green doesn’t have to be restricted to your home outdoors or interiors. Adding fresh or artificial indoor plants to your bathroom decor has a unique appeal of its own.

- You can also add scented candles or diffuser sticks that fill your bathroom with a pleasant aroma while adding aesthetic value too.

Q. How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious?

A small bathroom also has the potential to look luxurious. The key is to always follow the less is more approach. A clutter free, organized bathroom is always the way to go especially in smaller bathrooms. Pay careful attention to the sanitary fixtures that you choose. For a luxurious feel, opt for classic, sleek and stylish fittings. Instead of a big bulky bathtub, you can opt for a compact shower cubicle with an elegant invisible rain shower installed. Instead of a vanity that would take up more space, opt for a bathroom mirror with cabinet to store away all your bathroom essentials. Instead of pedestal wash basins and WC’s, go for wall mounted options that leave the floor empty and give the illusion of a bigger space. These are some ways you can give your small bathroom a luxurious feel.

Q. What should every bathroom have?

A bathroom cannot be called a bathroom if it does not include all the obvious products like Wash basin, Wall mirror, WC, Shattaf, Bathtub or shower cubicle and Shower unit. However, apart from this list, every bathroom should have some non-sanitary ware items too. Here’s a quick look at some of the bathroom must-haves:

- Towels are a must have in any bathroom. This should ideally include hand towels, bath towels and washcloths.

- If you have a bathtub, shower curtains is a necessity as it restricts the water to the shower area and keeps the rest of the bathroom dry.

- Hand wash is another essential in a bathroom. You can store it in a fancy soap dispenser of your choice.

- Toilet bowl cleaning solution and toilet brush is another must have in order to keep your WC looking spick and span day in and day out.

- A waste bin must be added in your bathroom. You can either opt for one with a lid or without. Be sure to dispose of waste in a timely manner.

- Air fresheners are another essential in your bathroom. You can choose scented candles, diffuser sticks or potpourri to keep your bathroom smelling fresh all day.

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