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Shop for the best gazebo from Danube Home!

A gazebo is the ideal location to host get-togethers with friends and family, arrange mini barbeque parties or even simply unwind and relax in your backyard, lawn, terrace or garden. A gazebo has the power to completely elevate the look of any outdoor space. Gazebos are usually the focal point in most outdoor spaces especially if the area is relatively small.

There are several types of gazebos available for you to choose from. A simple google search of ‘gazebos near me’ will yield multiple results showcasing the different types of gazebos and the many brands that provide them. If you search for ‘gazebos near me’ anywhere in the UAE, we are sure you will come across Danube Home, as the range of gazebos available at Danube Home surpasses most other brands in the region.Danube Home is well known for its wide range of gazebos in different styles, sizes, and price ranges to cater to your needs and budget. From classic designs to modern marvels, you can find an amazing range of gazebos online as well as in store. Danube Home makes it easy to design the backyard of your dreams, with free delivery available across the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other emirates.

If you’re looking for a garden gazebo, be sure to check out the amazing range of garden gazebo options at Danube Home. You might even find gazebos on sale during seasonal sales and discounts!

Whether you buy gazebo online or from store, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

- Space and Size

It is important to measure the space you wish to place your gazebo in before purchasing one. Danube Home has a range of gazebos in different sizes to suit the requirements of a vast clientele. Once you have measured the available space, cross-check it with the size of the gazebo you like to make sure it’s a perfect fit. If you have a large expansive outdoor space or garden, you can opt for larger gazebos. A large, imposing gazebo in a small space may look cluttered and out of place, so be sure to choose the right size for your lawn, backyard, terrace or garden and match it with other garden furniture and accessories to complete the look.

- Functionality

The next thing you should consider before choosing a gazebo is the function that you want the gazebo to serve. While the basic function of a gazebo is to provide shade from the sun, there are a host of other benefits too depending on the type of gazebo you choose. If you add a dining set or an outdoor sofa set under the gazebo, it automatically acts as an outdoor extension of your living room, where you can entertain friends or family. If you add a swing with plants and a fountain, it becomes the ultimate relaxation or unwind zone. You also have the option to choose between pergolas that have a canopy that provides sunshade but has no curtains or doors or opt for gazebos that come with curtains and sometimes even sliding doors that provide a private space to entertain. Check out Danube Home to find gazebos on sale and gazebos at pocket-friendly prices!

- Material

It is also important to look into what material you want for your gazebo. An outdoor gazebo will be subject to harsh weather conditions so it is important to make sure that your garden gazebo is designed to withstand the elements.

Gazebos are usually made of the following materials:

Wooden Gazebo: Wooden gazebo made of solid or engineered wood are much sought after for outdoor spaces as they are designed to last long with minimum maintenance. High quality, weather resistant polish is applied to the wooden surface to ensure durability of a wooden gazebo. You can find curtained gazebo as well as those without curtains but even they come with a canopy to provide shade. Buy wooden gazebo from a Danube Home showroom near you or simply order online with a few clicks!

Metal Gazebo: There are a host of metal gazebos available in the market. Steel gazebos, wrought iron gazebos and aluminum gazebos are the most common and most durable metal gazebos. Steel gazebos come with a powder coating to ensure durability. Wrought iron gazebos are heavier and come in lesser design variants than powder coated steel gazebos. Aluminum gazebos with polycarbonate roofs and sliding doors are almost like separate rooms in itself providing ample privacy and enough size to accommodate small gatherings of friends or family.

Gazebo upholstery: Upholstery in a gazebo refers to the canopy or the curtains that come with it. While curtained gazebo is the most popular in the region owing to more protection from the sun and privacy, gazebos with sliding doors are also gaining popularity. When you look to buy a gazebo, be sure to choose gazebos that come with hardwearing upholstery that can withstand harsh weather conditions. If you reside in a region prone to bugs and mosquitoes, it is also wise to choose a gazebo that comes with bug/mosquito nets to keep you and your family safe when relaxing outdoors. Danube Home has curtained gazebo options that come with mosquito nets as well as gazebos with sliding doors too. If you’re lucky, you might find gazebos on sale too!

- Type of gazebo

Gazebos are of different types in terms of design and features too. Whether you choose to buy wooden gazebo or metal gazebo, it all boils down to the style or design of the gazebo and whether it works with the rest of your home/outdoor décor.

Below are a few of the different types of gazebos available in terms of design:

Gazebo tents: Gazebo tents usually look like a makeshift tent and will have a canopy roof supported by four legs with or without curtains. Such gazebos could be a foldable gazebo too. They are easy to set up and can be stored away when not in use. Gazebo tents maybe extremely simple or even luxurious or extravagant too. They are often compact and foldable gazebo options are great as a temporary addition to your garden when hosting garden get-togethers.

Modern gazebo: Modern gazebos are also of different styles and are often permanent fixtures in your lawn or backyard. They are used to enhance the look of your garden and often act as the focal point in your outdoor space owing to its design and style. You may also find modern gazebo options that look extremely luxurious and are available in a varied size range to accommodate more guests.

Gazebo with seating: There are several gazebos that come with seating, sofa beds, swings, dining sets, etc. Danube Home has a gazebo called the Ajanta all in one gazebo that features a bench, a table, a rattan hanging chair and a swing bed that can be substituted for a dining set as per individual requirement. Isn’t that a fab deal? There are also a host of other options that you can choose from for your outdoor space depending upon your seating and entertaining requirements. Danube Home also has gazebos that come with a bar and grill option making it the perfect set for entertaining guests. Buy gazebo online or from a Danube Home store near you!

- Durability

Last but definitely not the least; be sure to opt for a gazebo that is durable enough to withstand the weather outside. Ideally a gazebo should have a solid base and should be heavy enough to withstand heavy winds, especially if the gazebo is a permanent fixture in your home. Your gazebo should stand on level ground. If needed, you may take it down in case the weather gets extremely rough. If your gazebo needs assembling, be sure to get it installed by an expert professional. Danube Home provides free delivery and installation by experts to make sure your gazebo stays put through the seasons.

Buy the best outdoor gazebo online from Danube Home!

Now that you are familiar with the different choices of gazebos you have, you can easily shop for the best outdoor gazebo for your home. Don’t forget to check for ‘gazebos near me’ and do your own research before selecting the one that best suits your outdoor space and your personal style. Searching for ‘gazebos near me’ will also help you find gazebos for sale too. If you do not want to wait around for gazebos for sale simply visit Danube Home and find the best, most reasonably priced range of outdoor furniture, gazebo and a lot more.

FAQ’s - Gazebo

Which is the best gazebo to buy?

While buying a gazebo is dependent on factors like available space, functionality and personal style, below are our top 5 picks for the best gazebos at Danube Home:

1. The Giza Wooden Gazebo

Inspired by Tibetan architecture, the Giza gazebo comes with flooring, comfy cushioned seats and backrests, throw pillows and a table making it a dream entertainment spot. This wooden gazebo is made of treated pinewood, painted to perfection making it extremely durable for the great outdoors while being an absolute sight to behold in any outdoor space.

2. The Ajanta all-in-one Gazebo

Any list is incomplete without the Ajanta all-in-one gazebo that’s got everything that you would possibly want in your outdoor space. You want to entertain? Call your friends and family and relax with great food in the outdoor dining set that comes with the gazebo. You want to lazily lounge and spend some me-time? You can do that while happily swaying in the rattan swing chair that comes with this gazebo. The Ajanta gazebo has a durable iron frame and comes with enough space to accommodate 12-14 guests.

3. The Montero House Gazebo

Just like the name, the Montero house gazebo is almost like a makeshift house in your backyard or outdoor space. It comes with four sliding doors and in two different sizes that you can choose from based on how many people you wish to accommodate. This is the perfect set up for evenings over hookah with friends or family.

4. The Luxury Gazebo with Seating

This absolutely ‘Wow’ gazebo is all you need to add a luxurious appeal to your outdoor space. It comes with ample seating so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect outdoor seating to match this beauty. The Luxury Gazebo with seating is sure to be the showstopper in any outdoor space while providing you with a wonderful space to entertain. The gazebo also comes with curtains and mosquito nets too.

5. The Kelly Bar and Grill Gazebo

Love playing the perfect garden party host? Then the Kelly Bar and Grill Gazebo is an absolute must-have. It comes with a counter, bar stools, as well as rods for hanging wine glasses. The design is modern, stylish, functional, and compact enough for even smaller outdoor spaces. Add a barbeque set to this set up and you’re all set to entertain!

Are gazebos waterproof?

Ideally, all gazebos should be waterproof as gazebos are kept outside and should be able to withstand different weather conditions. Danube Home uses waterproof, hardwearing, polyester fabric for curtains and canopies/ roofs. The outdoor seating that comes with some of the gazebos also features such fabric upholstery. Some of the gazebos at Danube Home also feature durable polycarbonate roofs that are great for all weathers. Most of the gazebos also come with nets to prevent bugs and mosquitos as well.

Does gazebo add value to home?

Your outdoor space should be an extension of your indoor space. Paying more attention to your outdoor space and adding patios, decks or a gazebo could improve your chances of selling your home for more or for selling your home quicker. If a buyer visits two houses with 3 bedrooms and baths, the buying decision would revolve around what extra features are available in the house. This is where having a beautifully designed outdoor space matters. Adding a durable wooden or aluminum gazebo to your outdoor space is a great way to add value and interest to your home exterior. Danube Home has a host of different gazebos you can choose from. If you love your gazebo and do not wish to part with it, you always have the option to uninstall it and use it in your new home too.

Can gazebos go on concrete?

Yes, in fact, concrete is the most reliable and stable way to secure a gazebo. Danube Home has an expert team of garden design professionals who provide free installation of your products. The Danube Home team can assess the location you wish to place your gazebo in and make sure that it is installed safely and securely. Whether it is a grass surface, soil or concrete, you can be assured that your gazebo and your outdoor space is safe in the hands of the expert Danube Home garden design team.

What are the different types of outdoor gazebos?

The different types of gazebos are as follows:

Wooden gazebo: Wooden gazebos are sturdy, durable and blend well with outdoor décor owing to the wood finish. They are often painted or polished to protect against damage from extreme weather conditions. You can also choose between wooden gazebos and pergolas both of which have a wonderful appeal when placed in an outdoor space.

Aluminum gazebo: Aluminum gazebos are lightweight and may be more affordable than solid wood gazebos. They can be painted in the color of your choice or left natural and can effortlessly stand the test of the time while providing you with an aesthetic outdoor space for entertaining family and friends. Some aluminum gazebos come with polycarbonate roofs and sliding doors for maximum privacy.

Steel gazebos: Steel gazebos are also much sought after due to the diverse styles it is available in. The steel is powder coated to make it more durable and stylish. Some steel gazebos also come with inbuilt shelves, racks, a spot to hang lighting and sometimes even seating with cushions for comfort.

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