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Modern Lighting

Lighting plays an essential role in setting and enhancing the ambience of your home. Home Lighting ensures a well-lit space to carry out all your day-to-day activities without any hassle. There are many lighting stores that offer fine lighting fixtures for different areas of your home. You also have the option of sitting back in the comfort of your home and buy lights online. While lighting stores offer you a visual treat with the many lighting fixtures that they have on display, online lighting stores also provide ample information about the lighting fixtures they showcase so you have a clear idea about the material, make and other details of the product before purchase. When you buy lights online on Danube Home, you might stumble upon offers and sales allowing you to buy stunning home lighting at the best price.

There are several different kinds of lighting products available in physical lighting stores and online too in case you’re looking to buy lights in UAE

There are three different types of lighting that you can use for your room, some to set the ambience and others to create a functional space. Here they are:

  • General lighting – General lighting is usually the main source of illumination in any space. They are typically located in the center of the room providing ample lighting in the room.
  • Activity lighting – This kind of lighting is for specific areas in your home where you perform certain activities like reading or cooking.
  • Accent lighting – Such kind of lighting is used to draw attention and create a focal point in certain areas in your home like a wall art or a décor piece.

There are also different types of lighting bulbs that can be used for different types of lamps. They are as follows:

  • Incandescent – These kinds of bulbs are the least energy efficient and last just for approximately 800 hours. They are good to use in floor or table lamps that are used occasionally and can be replaced easily.
  • Fluorescent – Fluorescent lights are cool, bright and energy efficient and are great to illuminated basements or small hallways. They last long so you don’t have to worry about replacing them for a long time.
  • LED – LED lights are the most sought after lights as they last the longest and are extremely energy efficient as it emits bright light in small wattages. They are even available in multiple color options from white, yellow, red to even blue.
  • Halogen – These kinds of lights are used mostly as accent lights to provide spotlight on a specific object. They are available in yellow and white light but are not widely used as they get heated when used and consume a lot of energy.

Now that you know about the different kinds of lighting, here’s a quick guide to figure out what kind of lighting is best suited to different areas of your home:

  • Stairways & Hallways – Ceiling lights that sit almost flat on the ceiling are the best option to illuminate your hallways and passages. These are great for stairways too. Additionally, you can also opt for lights that you can place low and flat against your wall in your stairways as such lights efficiently provide lighting directly on to the stairs making sure you do not miss a step due to its low angled placement.
  • Living Room – Living areas in homes are generally used for multiple activities like watching tv, relaxing and sometimes even dining. Hence, the lighting in this area is of utmost importance. We recommend a good combination of general lighting and accent lights for this space. However, if your living area is small, one general light will be sufficient to illuminate the entire space. A floor lamp can be added to shed light in particularly darker corners in the space or simply to enhance the ambience and provide a space for relaxation. If your living room features a high ceiling, larger chandeliers and pendant lamps will look absolutely spectacular.
  • Dining Room – Your dining area should be lit up enough to see what you’re eating. Hanging chandeliers or pendant lights are perfect to place right above the center of your dining table. Choose lamp shades that direct the light downward for even distribution of light across the table. Make sure to hang your light at least 60 cms from the surface of the table. Also ensure that the intensity of the light is not too bright that it makes you squint and not too dim that makes you strain your eyes to see.
  • Kitchen – Lighting is particularly crucial in your kitchen as it is an area where there’s a lot of cooking activity happening. You want a space that’s well-lit so as to wield your knife and chop those veggies or bake those treats and just overall use your cooking skills effectively. General lighting is great to illuminate the whole space. You can also add accent lights under cabinets or in areas where you want more visibility.
  • Bedrooms – Bedroom is the space in your home that you come to relax and unwind in after a long day. Therefore, the lighting in this space should bring about a calming feeling too. Apart from general lighting that you can use to get ready and wake yourself up every morning, add wall lights and table lamps that you can use at night as you set the mood to slowly drift off into slumberland. Lighting fixtures with dimming feature is also a great option to have in your bedroom.
  • Study/Work area – For the ultimate study area or work-from-home zone, you need lighting that will help you focus and concentrate. As much as we’d love a study area that’s beautifully illuminated by natural light, it is important to have a table lamp or reading light that you can position and adjust as per your requirement.
  • Bathroom – For bathrooms, the best option is to have a simple general light and an accent light above your mirror or vanity. Avoid intricately designed lamps in bathrooms as they may be difficult to clean and maintain. Be sure to place switches outside as a safety precaution.
  • Outdoor – Outdoor spaces like your balcony, lawn, terrace or backyard also require proper lighting so that you can take full advantage of the space you have. Outdoor lighting is made with different materials that will be able to handle multiple weather conditions. Outdoor lighting is available in the form of chandeliers, pendant lamps, wall bracket lamps, landscape lights and even flood lights that are great for kids play area or a basketball or tennis court. A well-lit outdoor space ensures a whole lot of fun times for the whole family in the great outdoors just outside your home.

At Danube Home, you will find a host of different lighting products to suit every room in your home. From exquisitely designed chandeliers, to lamps, and outdoor lighting, we have it all.

Buy lighting products from the Danube Home store or buy lighting online at the best prices, either ways we’ve got you covered.

FAQs - Lighting

Q. Is LED lighting better?

A. LED lighting is the most sought after lighting type as they are extremely durable; runs for approximately 35,000 to 50,000 hours. They last the longest among all the other types of lights and are extremely energy efficient too. Another great thing about LED lights is that they are available in so many different colors leaving you spoilt for choice. This allows you to set the right ambience for your home and let your creativity flow. They also make colors look great depending on the color of light you use for your home. They are also capable of emitting a very high level of brightness. Unlike halogen lights and incandescent lights, LED lights do not radiate heat making it relatively safer to use too.

Q. What is the best lighting for home?

A. Just like there is no such thing as one size fits all; there is no one light that fits every space in your home. The best home lighting varies based on the different rooms, the space that has to be lit up in every room, the different activities that are being done in different spaces, and so much more. Lighting fixtures are available in a host of different styles and designs so it is also important to decide what kind of style and ambience you’re going for. Based on this, you can decide the different kind of lighting products you want for the different rooms in your home.

Q. What is the best lighting for a dining room?

A. Hanging lights or pendant lights are great for dining rooms. Ideally, a hanging light should hang at least 60 cms above the table surface. If you have a small dining table a single pendant lamp hung right above the center of the table will look elegant and sophisticated in your dining room while providing a well-lit space for you to dine. If you have a larger dining area and a larger dining table, opt for hanging chandeliers that sit wider on the ceiling or have lamp shades that spread out to illuminate a wider area. For lights that sit above the dining table always opt for lamp shades that reflect light downward.

Q. What is the best online lighting store?

A. The best online lighting store should offer maximum range of lighting products in different sizes, shapes and styles to suit the need of every home owner. Danube Home does precisely all this and more. Danube Home offers 48 hour delivery and free installation service by an expert team to avoid any mishaps. Danube Home also has the widest range of lighting fixtures that are sure to leave you in awe. There are different lighting options for every room in your home whether it is your living room, bedroom, bathroom or even your outdoor or garden area. From candle chandeliers, to modern, to glass, to neon, the range of lighting at Danube Home, both in-store and online encompasses the finest, most amazing lighting products sourced from different parts of the world.

Q. What is the price of house lights?

A. House lights come in a wide range of price points depending on the design, style and material of the light. You will be able to find budget-friendly home lights that look great and serve the purpose too. Having classy, sophisticated home lighting does not mean that you have to break the bank for it. With some research, you will be able to purchase the lighting product that suits your personal style and comes within your budget. If you wish to save some money on electricity, opt for LED lights that are super energy efficient while being extremely reliant and durable.

Q. What are light fixtures?

A. Light fixtures are electrical devices that provide illumination with the use of a lamp or multiple lamps. They are available in multiple styles and can be fitted on ceilings or walls or even be placed on floors or table tops depending on the design. Lighting fixtures include all forms of illumination like ceiling chandeliers, hanging lights, flood lights, floor lamps, table lamps, pendant lights, staircase chandeliers, wall bracket lights and all forms of outdoor lighting. Buy the best light fixtures in UAE from Danube Home.

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