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Office Chairs in UAE 

Shop for the best office chair UAE from Danube Home!

If you are looking to purchase the best office chairs Dubai, office chairs Abu Dhabi or office chair UAE, look no further than Danube Home! You can shop for office chair UAE from any of the Danube Home stores located across the UAE or even buy office chairs online from the Danube Home website or mobile app available in English and Arabic on all android and ios devices.

Whether you are buying office chair Dubai, office chair Abu Dhabi, or anywhere in the UAE, below are certain things you need to keep in mind:

- Decide on where the office chair will be located

Are you looking to purchase a home office chair? If yes, where do you plan on placing it? Have you measured the space and do you know if a home office chair can be accommodated in the designated space? Is the allotted space exposed to too much direct sunlight? Is it hotter compared to other areas in your home? These questions may seem silly but they are extremely important when choosing the perfect home office chair. These questions will help you decide on the style and material of office chair you need to choose. If it’s a compact space, you need to look for a more compact office chair, if it’s hotter in the space, you may want to opt for an ergonomic mesh fabric office chair that’s breathable and great for hotter temperatures.

- How often you will be using the office chair

Another important factor to consider is how often you will be using the office chair and for what duration at a stretch. Office chairs are available in a host of different styles and answering this question will help you narrow down the style of office chair that’s best suitable for your use. If you are looking for an office chair or a computer chair for a part-time office space, you may want to look for foldable or stackable office chairs that can be kept aside in a corner when not in use. If you have a designated, full-time, work-from-home-zone that you spend most of your day in, you may want to invest in office chairs that are comfortable for long hours of sitting.

Find office chairs for sale at a Danube Home store near you or buy office chairs online from the Danube Home website!

- The nature of your work/business

This is an important point to consider if you are looking to purchase office chairs for your commercial business or office space and even if you operate out of your home office. The nature of business that you do will impact the hours you spend seated. For instance, if you run a call center, you will want to invest in an office chair or computer chair that’s designed for long hours of comfortable sitting. If you work in harsher environments like a factory, construction site or laboratory, you will want to opt for industrial office chairs that are built with robust materials that are practical in such harsh working environments. If you are into gaming during your free time, ergonomically designed office chairs are great as gaming chairs too as they provide comfortable sitting for long.

- Your budget

While buying an office chair is an investment, you don’t necessarily have to break your bank to find the best office chair. Budget is important when  buying any furniture, including office chairs. Office chair price varies vastly based on the type, style, make and even brand. However, durability of the office chair is not necessarily based on the office chair price in UAE and office chair price anywhere else. The more expensive doesn’t mean the more durable. At Danube Home, you can find extremely durable, ergonomically designed office chairs for extremely affordable prices. Danube Home also runs several offers and discounts during which you may come across office chairs for sale and computer chair at a steal.

Find the best office chair price in UAE at Danube Home!

Once you have decided on the above, you can move on to deciding the type of office chair you’d like to buy. There are several types of office chairs available, whether you are looking for office chairs Dubai or office chairs Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the UAE. You can also find a host of comfortable office chairs Dubai online, if you do not wish to step out to a physical store. The benefit of buying office chairs Dubai online is that you can research on all the different options, evaluate the best option for you and purchase it in the comfort of your home. You can buy office chair online easily anywhere in the UAE from Danube Home. Danube Home even offers free delivery and free installation for products that require installation.

Here are some of the different types of office chair options available in the market:

- Operator chairs, also known as Ergonomic chairs: This is a comfortable office chair option that features an ergonomic design. This kind of office chair easily adapts to your needs and boosts productivity owing to the customized support they offer. Such office chairs typically come with height adjustment feature, seat depth and proper lumbar support. Some variations of these chairs come with swivel feature as well as tilt lock too. Ergonomic design is a must have when it comes to office chairs due to the amount of time one spends seated while working. Improper seating could lead to aches and pains caused by incorrect posture.

- Executive chairs: Executive chairs also feature an ergonomic design but is more premium than the operator chairs. They are usually made of stylish and durable material like leather and are quite easy to maintain as well. This comfortable office chair normally come in sophisticated designs with high backrests and heavily padded seats and armrests for a super comfortable sitting experience. They are designed to be great for your body as you sit and work for hours on end.

- Leather office chair: Leather is one of the most sought after material for office chairs, especially in offices of high ranking company employees and owners. You can also splurge and pick this best office chair for your home office to treat yourself to a comfortable sitting experience throughout the day. A Leather office chair is durable and can last for decades with minimum maintenance. They are usually used in more premium models of office chairs.

- Fabric office chair: Fabric office chairs are one of the most cost-effective office chairs available in the market. The feature soft and  comfortable cushioning and hard wearing fabric that’s known to last the test of time. They are extremely comfortable and versatile and are available in multiple color options too.

- Mesh office chair: Mesh is another material that is great for office chairs as they are extremely breathable and are especially suited to hotter temperatures. They are quite flexible as well making it a perfect choice for most ergonomic designs.

Buy the best office chair from Danube Home! If you are looking for office chairs Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, you can find the most affordably priced range of office chairs at Danube Home both in store and online. If you’re lucky, you may even find office chairs for sale at extremely attractive prices during seasonal sales and offers.

FAQ’s – Office Chairs

What should I look for to purchase office chair?

When looking to purchase an office chair, be mindful of the following:

- Comfort: Comfort should be the number one priority when choosing an office chair. Whether you are looking to purchase an office chair for your work-from-home-zone that you use from time to time, or your home office which is your primary place of work. Since you will be spending a considerable amount of time during the day seated while working, you should opt for a comfortable office chair that provides the right kind of support that’s good for your posture. The best office chairs ideally feature an ergonomic design that’s suited for most body types.

- Features: You can also look out for additional features in your office chair like height adjustment, swivel feature, tilt lock feature and adjustable backrests. Such features improve your sitting experience and facilitate comfortable sitting for a longer duration. Office chairs with arm rests are also more favorable than those without.

- Quality: Office chairs are available in different materials which affects their overall quality. While the base of the chairs maybe made of high quality plastic or metal, the seat and backrest may be made of leather, faux leather, fabric or even mesh. Leather office chairs are the more premium variant, however, the other materials are also widely used to design the most comfortable and most ergonomic office chairs. Always buy office chairs from a brand you trust and be sure to check the warranty of the office chair before purchase.

What is the price range of office chair?

Office chairs are available in wide range of prices both in store and online. The prices vary according to the features, the material and the style of the office chair. You can find many reasonably priced office chairs at Danube Home. Office chairs at Danube Home starts from just AED 325. Danube Home frequently updates their product range as well as offer unbelievable seasonal discounts and offers during which you can find office chairs at incredibly low prices.

What is the best office chair for back pain?

The right office chair will offer comfortable seating and cradle your body in such a way that it releases tension and provides ample lumbar support. Improper seating could cause severe body aches, especially back pains, which is why you should opt for an ergonomically designed office chair that features good back support as well as cushioning or contouring that helps alleviate pressure on your back. Choosing an office chair that offers height adjustment, back support with tilt lock feature, armrests and made from a material that promotes the right posture is important to prevent back pain caused by long hours of sitting. Shop for the best office chair for back pain from Danube Home!

What are the different types of office chairs?

There are different types of office chairs available in the market based on the different materials used, the design of the chair, the features that they come with and the function they serve. Below are the most common types:

- Based on features:

Ergonomic office chairs: While most office chairs are ergonomically designed, some include additional features that facilitate a better sitting experience. Adjustable height, lumbar support, tilt lock feature, adjustable back rests, swivel feature and easy to operate adjustment controls are features of a good quality ergonomic office chair. These are designed to offer maximum support without causing any body aches or discomforts irrespective of how long you’re seated on them.

- Based on material:

Leather office chairs: These office chairs are best suited to a high-end luxurious office set up or even if you wish to treat yourself in your home office. They are ergonomically designed and usually come in leather upholstery making it more durable with minimum maintenance. The design of these executive or premium chairs are more sophisticated and often feature a high back and plush cushioned seats and arm rests. Fabric chairs: Fabric chairs are versatile and come in more color options. They offer maximum value for money as the comfort and durability often surpasses the amount you spend on them. Mesh chairs: Mesh office chairs are the most common as they are perfect for the most ergonomic designs. Mesh back rests provide the perfect lumbar support while being flexible and breathable making it perfect for working environments that are susceptible to warm temperatures.

- Based on functionality:

Office chairs are used in homes as computer chairs and gaming chairs too. Other variants of office chairs that come with lesser features are also used in meeting rooms or as additional seating in front of the office table for smaller client meetings in home offices.

Which office chair is best for long hours?

The office chairs that are best for long hours should be comfortable and ergonomically designed. They should have ample padding or cushioning on the seat and offer adjustable backrest with ample lumbar support to prevent backaches. The back rest and the seating play a major role in impacting your posture. Mesh office chairs are best known to provide the right amount of support and flexibility for those suffering from back aches. Leather office chairs, which is the more premium variant is also known to be extremely comfortable for longer hours of sitting. Pick the best office chair from Danube Home!

What are the most comfortable office chairs?

Check off the below points when picking the most comfortable office chair:

- Seat height: The seat height should be adjustable to accommodate different heights. Your office chair should allow you to sit with your feet firm on the ground.

- Seat width and depth: The seat width and depth should be able to accommodate different body types comfortably. The depth should be such that you can sit with your back against the back rest and your feet on the ground.

- Back rest: The back rest of the seat should have proper lumbar support in order to ensure proper posture while sitting. The back rest should also be able to tilt back at angles with a tilt lock mechanism to provide a relaxed sitting experience.

- Seating material: The seating should have enough cushioning to provide comfortable sitting for longer durations. Leather, fabric or mesh seating with padding is ideal as opposed to harder surfaces.

- Armrest: A comfortable office chair should have cushioned or padded armrests that allow you to rest your arms comfortably with your shoulders relaxed.

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