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Hardware & Electrical Tools

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Buy Hardware & Electric Tools

Shop for hardware tools online that are a must have for every home, from Danube Home!

Calling a handyman for every minor issue may not be a practical solution. Therefore, it is a good idea to have some of the basic hardware tools at your disposal for home improvement. Below are some of the tools you can buy online from Danube Home:


Adhesives are necessary in every household. Pipe adhesives are great for leaky pipes or minor plumbing issues and MDF adhesives easily fix damages in wooden items. All-purpose super glue is also a handy product for fixing multiple items in your house. Silicon sealants are great for sealing windows and doors, and are super easy to use too. Whether you are looking for a specific type of adhesive glue or the more commonly used masking tape or mounting tape, Danube Home has them all.

Construction Items:

Shop online for items like paint rollers, paint brushes, hand trolleys as well as Milano safety vests and coveralls from Danube Home and get them all delivered to your doorstep easily. Let’s help you take the stress out of shopping for tools, hardware and constructions items with our user friendly website that allows you to browse through the best quality tools and hardware, and order them easily from the comfort of your home.

Digital Safe:

Fell in love with a wardrobe that has no locking mechanism but need a place to store all your valuables safely? Our digital safe box is the best solution for your safe storage woes. With state-of-the-art locking mechanism and sturdy build, your valuables have found their home with our digital safes.

Door & Handles:

Danube Home has everything from door handles, door guards, door stoppers, biometric door handles, card hotel locks, pull handles, encoders, digital door viewers, and door hinges and even double door sliding kits. If you need door handles or door locks for the doors, shelves or cabinets in your home, find them online on Danube Home. We also have a huge selection of pull handles in a variety of designs that will look perfect on your cabinet or shelf doors along with a stunning selection of door handles and locks for any door in your home.    

Household tools:

Screws and nails, and utility hooks are also handy items to have in any home. Whether it is to hang up a wall art or get organized by hanging purses or kitchen towels on command hooks, Danube Home is your go-to online destination for such household tools. You can also find knobs, knob lock sets and latches for your home as well as cable grommets to organize your wiring. Ladders are also a must-have item in any home. It will come to use when changing your ceiling lighting or even just to reach for items placed in a high shelf. You can also find keyed padlocks as well as number padlocks for locking up your valuables safely.

Hardware tools:

Looking for items for your next DIY project? You’ve come to the right place. Whether it is painting experiments or carpentry, we have tools and equipment for both. Find scrapers, paint rollers and paintbrushes that’ll bring out the artist in you and measuring tools like measuring tape and try squares to help you build that perfect shelf.Danube Home has various hardware tools, including saws, silicon guns, pliers, wrenches, hex screwdrivers, spanners, angle grinders, jigsaws and circular saws, rotary hammers, and impact drills. We offer you a range of hardware items at your door that you may require for various home projects.  

Electrical fittings:

When we say Danube Home has everything one could possibly need for their home, we mean it! Danube Home has a wide selection of switches & sockets including TV sockets, shaver sockets, telephone outlet socket, electrical sockets with USB charging port etc. along with fan regulators, cooker control units, extension cord, plugs and all such electrical fittings. Danube Home is also home to several models of air coolers that are the most economical choice, especially during hot summer months. You can easily find indoor and outdoor coolers as well as mist fans. Some air cooler models also come with an anion feature that even purifies the air while cooling the room. You can find and invest in a cooler based on what features you’d like it to have as well as the style of the cooler. If you are looking to light up the stairway in your home, you can find LED stairway lights that can be built into your wall.

These are some of the essential tools that you can shop for easily from Danube Home. Danube Home also offers free shipping and speedy delivery; so you can sit back and relax once you’ve placed the order and simply await the arrival of your items.

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